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Welcome to the Engender fellowship – where community solidarity can transform lives. Our mission is straightforward: We work to empower and inform victim-survivors, and eliminate family violence. Your financial contributions will become a powerful force for positive change, emphasising shared power and collective action.

Join us in this journey of compassion and transformation, working together to create a more equitable and just future for all. Many people and families in Tasmania live with the impact of family violence. Your donation will help us support those affected by family violence.

As a not-for-profit service, we rely on community donations and corporate sponsors which allows us to expand our vital services. Money donated to Engender Equality is spent efficiently to reduce the incidence and impact of family violence.

Our Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office means that any donation above $2 is tax deductible.

“My therapist is the best I have ever had, she has helped me beyond measure. My sessions with her were empowering and affirming. Engender Equality has totally changed my life.” – Eleni

Where your investment goes

Money donated to Engender Equality will be used to create a sophisticated, sustainable response to family violence. This investment will be used to: support family violence victims, prioritising those who experience isolation and trial innovation in family violence intervention. It will empower victim-survivors who have experienced family violence and challenge the cultural conditions that enable gender inequality and family violence to persist in our community.

  • $4 gives relevant and appropriate information to young people on respectful relationships
  • $40 gives support for a family violence survivor
  • $80 provides outreach to socially and geographically isolated victims of family violence
  • $100 provides a translator for a non-English speaking woman who has experienced family violence and trauma to receive counselling
  • $150 provides training to address cultural drivers of family violence
  • $500 enables a family violence survivor to attend an empowerment program to recover from trauma
  • $10,000 runs a targeted program in a marginalised community to address family violence

Make a donation

Donating to Engender Equality is easy – you can donate via credit card (see donate button below), money transfer (contact us here for details) or by cheque (PO Box 300, North Hobart, TAS, 7002).

Thank you for your support!

Make A Donation

How to get involved

At Engender Equality, we believe in the collective strength of diverse support. There are numerous ways you can contribute to our mission of ending family violence:

  • A donation from your workplace. Some workplaces encourage staff to donate money to a charity or will ask staff to choose a charity for the company or businesses to make a donation to. This occasion might coincide with Christmas or another notable annual event.
  • If you are a victim-survivor look into our Advocates for Change program.
  • Follow Engender Equality on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube and ‘like’ or share our content.
  • Do your contacts and professional networks know what we do? Refer them to the Engender Equality website: www.engenderequality.org.au.
  • Keep some Engender Equality brochures in your car or office and share them when you can.
  • Keep us in mind when you encounter training opportunities related to family violence and gender inequality – is there a role for Engender Equality? Purchase an Engender Equality sticker, or make them available for sale at your workplace.
  • Host a morning tea, afternoon tea or lunch with proceeds donated to Engender Equality.
  • Invite Engender Equality to provide training or a thought-provoking presentation at your workplace, club or community group.
  • Add a link to Engender Equality’s donation page on your website or social media to endorse and promote Engender Equality.
  • Speak up about family violence and look for ways to safely amplify victim-survivor voices, in-person and online.
Make A Donation

Volunteer with us

Why Volunteer with Engender Equality?

Meaningful Impact: Your efforts directly contribute to breaking the cycle of family violence and promoting a culture of respect and equality.

Supportive Community: Join a community of dedicated individuals committed to making a real difference in the lives of those affected by family violence.

Flexible Commitment: Your time matters, and we appreciate any commitment you can offer, whether it’s a few hours a week or more.

Engender Equality has volunteer roles for everyone! Love gardening? Help us maintain our outdoor spaces. Enjoy strategy? Join our board and shape our mission. Prefer behind-the-scenes? Support us administratively.

Your unique skills matter, and there’s a perfect role waiting for you.

As a volunteer with us, you’ll be an integral part of our mission to create a world free from violence, injustice, and inequality.

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