Advocates for Change

Who are the Advocates for Change?

Engender Equality supports opportunities for people with lived experience of family and sexual violence to take a position of leadership to create better outcomes for victim-survivors.

Preventing family and domestic violence is going to take a huge shift in community attitudes in Tasmania. An important part of this is for victim-survivor voices to be heard.

Engender Equality’s survivor-advocate initiatives are powered by the recognition that the voices, perceptions, wants and ideas of people who have experienced violence and abuse are frequently missing from discussions, statements, decisions, policy design and services to do with family and sexual violence.

However, when people with lived experience of family and sexual violence claim their sovereignty, they emerge as determined, resilient and highly inspirational individuals.

Through Engender Equality, advocates given media interviews, spoken at community events such as Reclaim the Night and 16 Days of Activism and offered their expertise to policy submissions, such as the 2020 Family Law Inquiry.

This highly innovative program continues to passionately and deeply challenge the cultural drivers of family violence and create lasting social change.

Seeking to become an Advocate?

Via a small grant from the Community Support Levy, Engender Equality is currently seeking expressions from people with lived experience of family and sexual violence to participate in the Advocates for Change training. The training will be held in November 2020. If you are interested please see the Position Description and Expression of Interest forms.

Seeking an Advocate?

Engender Equality is positioned as the go-to voice for organisations and journalists seeking authentic representation on issues of gender inequality and the primary prevention of domestic and family violence in Tasmania. If you are seeking the perspective of a person with lived experience of family or sexual violence, Engender Equality can put you in touch with a victim-survivor who is supported to share their story in a safe and compelling way.

Still curious?

To find out more about the Advocates for Change program, call Engender Equality on 03 6278 9090 or email