Because we recognise that family violence is a whole-of-community issue, Engender Equality is passionate about empowering people to make a stand against family violence. Engender Equality draws on over 30 years of experience to deliver specialised education and training, clinical supervision and gender/family violence consultancy in Tasmania.

About Our Education and Training

Engender Equality education and training:

  • Background, causes and effects of family and domestic violence in Tasmania
  • Can range from a keynote address to a hands-on, activity-based workshop
  • Is informative and engaging
  • Varies in duration from an hour or two, to in-depth weekly courses
  • Is supported by our locally-sourced information and unique, world-class, evidence-based resources


From small groups to large audiences, our education and training is suitable for:

  • Workplace training
  • Corporate events and conferences
  • Clubs and community events
  • Frontline service providers


Our training and education packages are designed and led by experienced and qualified learning and development educators.


We tailor our material to meet your timeframe and budget. We are passionate about helping the community prevent and respond to family violence. We welcome opportunities to address topics like:

  • Changing community attitudes to prevent family violence
  • Gender issues, workplace culture and family violence
  • How to work with clients affected by family violence
  • Working in a family violence framework, including family violence risk assessment, safety planning and trauma-informed care
  • Understanding coercive control and the dynamics of family violence
  • Gender inequality and social justice

Our Workshops


Alina Thomas (CEO, Engender Equality) is a sought-after spokesperson on family violence and gender inequality in Tasmania. With insight and expertise, Alina delivers an impassioned, thought-provoking and motivational keynote address.


Drawing on local and specialist expertise, this workshop is an introduction to family violence, what it looks like and how common it is.

This session helps participants recognise and respond to family violence.


This workshop provides an overview of the tools and strategies workplaces need to respond to family violence.

This workshop is designed to improve workplace culture, office safety and morale, and increase staff’s knowledge and skills, so they can address family violence when they see it.


This high-quality course is based on international, evidence-based research about family violence.

Based on Our Watch, participants will tap into a coordinated, national framework showing that when it comes to family violence, gender inequality is the core of the problem and at the heart of the solution.


This program is ideal for people who want to become supporters of friends, family members and colleagues who may be experiencing family violence.

For more information, check out our education and training brochure.

“Thanks to Engender Equality for a professional and comprehensive coverage of coercive control and how it underpins domestic violence relationships. It’s a deep rooted, underground and high risk problem. If more service providers fully understood coercive control they may be better equipped to help domestic and family violence survivors to achieve fair outcomes and freedom from the perpetrator. I am looking forward to your next series of training.”

– Karen Hind, Founder of Recall Technologies

Consulting Services

Engender Equality is available to assist Tasmanian workplaces to develop family violence policies, apply a gendered lens to their diversity and inclusion activities, and elevate gender equality. Combining high-level qualifications with professional insights our Gender Consultants offer a range of services including:

  • Gender analysis for workplaces and sporting groups
  • Developing gender considerate policies and practices
  • Improving the inclusion of all genders in leadership, decision making, and strategic development
  • Promoting workplace safety for women, non-binary and transgender people
  • Increasing women’s participation in sports and leadership

Clinical Supervision

This section is under construction. Please contact us for more information.

How to Access Education and Training

Please contact us for more information, to discuss your education and training needs, or for an obligation free quote.