Get Involved

How to get involved

There are many ideas of how you can raise money to address family violence in Tasmania and raise awareness in the process.

  1. A donation from your workplace. Some workplaces encourage staff to donate money to a charity or will ask staff to choose a charity for the company or businesses to make a donation to. This occasion might coincide with Christmas or another notable annual event.
  2. If you are a victim-survivor look into our Advocates for Change program.
  3. Follow Engender Equality on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and YouTube and ‘like’ or share our content.
  4. Do your contacts and professional networks know what we do? Refer them to the Engender Equality website:
  5. Keep some Engender Equality brochures in your car or office and share them when you can.
  6. Keep us in mind when you encounter training opportunities related to family violence and gender inequality – is there a role for Engender Equality? Purchase an Engender Equality sticker, or make them available for sale at your workplace.
  7. Host a morning tea, afternoon tea or lunch with proceeds donated to Engender Equality.
  8. Invite Engender Equality to provide training or a thought-provoking presentation at your workplace, club or community group.
  9. Add a link to Engender Equality's donation page on your website or social media to endorse and promote Engender Equality.
  10. Speak up about family violence and look for ways to safely amplify victim-survivor voices, in-person and online.