About Us

Engender Equality is a safe haven to talk and work through what is happening to me. My counsellor is very supportive and listens to everything I have to say. I would recommend this service to anyone needing support.

For over 30 years, Engender Equality has worked with and on behalf of individuals, families and communities affected by family and domestic violence in Tasmania.

We see gender inequality as both the cause and the context of family violence. Only by actively challenging gender-based oppression can we achieve positive and respectful relationships within healthy, inclusive structures and institutions. This outcome will ultimately benefit the whole Tasmanian community.

We acknowledge that family violence is complex and that it includes a broad range of behaviours that are sometimes not recognised as violence. We also know that people are affected by violence in different ways.

If you are or have been affected by family violence, we focus on you as an individual. We consider your life, your needs and your circumstances, so we can really understand all the factors impacting your particular situation. We call this taking an ‘intersectional’ approach and it means we will respect your unique culture, ability, identity and life experience.

We provide:

  • Trauma-informed and evidence-based counselling
  • Locally-sourced information
  • Specialised, world-class, evidence-based resources
  • Education and support for individuals and groups affected by violence
  • Community training and education
  • Referral, where appropriate
  • Advocacy for systemic change to gender inequity and violence against women

Engender Equality is overseen by a board of highly skilled women who bring diverse skills to their governance roles. With corporate, not-for-profit and community representation, the board provide strategic leadership to the organisation that is informed by legal, financial, managerial and business development expertise. The Board is made up of members from across the state of Tasmania and work closely with the CEO to provide highly proficient stewardship to Engender Equality.

A dynamic, evolving organisation, Engender Equality’s philosophies, practice and resources are based around lived experience and grounded in cutting-edge research. Our progressive approach, combined with three decades of skills, knowledge and hands-on involvement gives us an edge in the fight for gender equality in Tasmania.