Post Date: 6 May 2019 Category: Workshops

Beyond the Binary

Engender Equality is excited to announce this unique opportunity to extend the conversation of intimate and family violence to include diverse sexualities, relationships and genders. LGBTI+ experiences of family violence and intimate partner violence have largely been absent from policies and service responses. As a result, Engender Equality are presenting the workshop, Beyond the Binary, to elevate the family violence conversation for wider and more inclusive approach.

Registration Hobart workshop:

Registration Launceston workshop:

Tickets are between $15 and $101.

The workshops will be facilitated by Jill Faulkner. Jill currently works in Queerspace Drummond Street services in Melbourne as a Counsellor, Supervisor and Practice Lead around the development of family violence frameworks for queer communities. Jill coordinates a pilot project for all women and trans and gender diverse peoples who have used interpersonal violence.

Beyond the Binary is an nuanced response that moves beyond a cisgender and heterosexual lens to;

· centre questions of power beyond a binary model,

· value queer cultures, lived experience and knowledge and

· utilise anti-oppressive frameworks as a prevention tool.

This workshop is open to community members, leaders and all interested services: AoD, Mental Health, Shelter, Youth, Education, Family Violence etc.

Learning outcomes

· Development of non-binary responses to family violence in the community.

· Increased awareness of community need (in Tasmania).

· An increased understanding of the need for diversity and inclusive practices.

· Increased understanding of practices that are not reliant on traditional notions of gender.

· Opportunities to network and learn from all participants.