Become an Advocate for Change

I now have a voice to speak the truth on the facts and evidence I have found.
Tania, Engender Equality Advocate for Change

Do you have lived experience of gendered violence, sexual, emotional, financial, physical or emotional abuse? Do you want to channel your experience into systemic, community and social change?

Advocates for Change is a volunteer program, where you are trained and supported to advocate for powerful change using your lived experience and expertise.

Read what the program involves below and then make contact with us to express your interest in joining the program.

  1. Application and assessment
    Before you undertake training, we assess your suitability and readiness through the application process. The wellbeing of our Advocates is at the centre of this program through emphasis on your personal and emotional safety. We work with you to assess potential risks and discuss your readiness. Engender Equality also provides ongoing support to all advocates through our Project Coordinator (who also has lived experience).

  2. Training
    Our four-day training program builds your knowledge about the drivers of violence and current statistics as well as practical skills like working with the media, identifying and crafting effective messages for the media, developing and practicing delivering a speech and tips on influencing decision makers using our stories. Content is guided by Experts by Experience framework (Safe and Equal) and Voices for Change (Our Watch) which provides a powerful platform for victim-survivors of family, domestic and sexual violence to use their stories and experiences to educate, inform, bring systemic change and advocate for the prevention and reduction of gender-based violence.

  3. Making change
    Once you have completed the training program, we have another discussion with you to assess your readiness and comfort to take part and refine how you would like to engage in opportunities in a safe and supported way.

    Opportunities are sourced and reviewed by our Project Coordinator who will let you know of requests for Advocate participation. The Project Coordinator also provides support to our Advocates before, during and after each activity and is able to draw on Engender Equality’s team of specialised family violence counsellors when required. There is no obligation to participate in every opportunity, and your level of engagement or participation in the program is flexible based on your needs.

  4. Ongoing training
    From time to time we are able to provide additional training opportunities that build on the skills of our Advocates for Change. Recent opportunities included a three-day advocacy training program on how to effectively lobby government and advocate for changes to policy and law. We also keep you informed of other training opportunities available through supporting organisations and other lived experience programs.