Our commitment

At Engender Equality, we are committed to inclusion, equity and social justice. In advocating for systemic change to stop gender-based violence, we take a proactive, hands-on approach.

Everyone should be free to live the life they want. This is why we advocate for gender equity, women’s rights and an end to all family, domestic and intimate partner violence.

We raise awareness about the causes and consequences of violence and build the capacity of our partners to prevent and respond to violence. We partner with governments, agencies, organisations and institutions to advocate for ending violence and abuse.

What we do

First and foremost, we provide a voice for those affected by family violence and gender-based oppression to make sure decision-makers and community members hear their priorities and solutions.

To support of our main advocacy task, we:

  • recognise and actively challenge gender-based oppression
  • lead by example, showcasing our commitment to gender equality and empowerment
  • leverage our influence, alone or in partnership, to advocate for gender equality
  • collaborate with partners and community leaders to promote inclusion
  • educate and work with community stakeholders, officials and others to eliminate discrimination and exploitation
  • recognise and celebrate the leadership and contributions of women, trans and non-binary individuals to their communities


Here are some examples of what our advocacy activities look like in practice:

  • speaking to the media
  • offering opinion pieces and inviting dialogue on the issues at hand
  • contributing to research
  • writing submissions to government
  • hosting events to raise awareness of family violence in Tasmania
  • helping to organise and promote events
  • providing workshops to the public, parents, schools and community organisations
  • delivering education and training to the corporate sector
  • sitting on key advisory boards and joining significant networks